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User Experience & Branding

Here you will find instructions on how to upload assets that will be used for branding the Pay by Bank experience that your customers interact with.


Merchant Portal Tool

Uploading Assets

Your company’s icon can be uploaded to Link Money’s merchant portal where it will be used to give your customers a branded linking experience.

1. Navigate to the Accounts page and look for the tile pictured below
2. Upload your company icon with the correct formatting
3. Verify you are satisfied with the displayed preview and submit
4. Toggle the dark mode switch to preview your icon in dark mode or submit an additional icon

Asset Format

Please upload assets that meet the following criteria

  • Size: Less than 1MB
  • Ratio: Between 2:1 1:2, preferably 1:1
  • Format: SVG (preferred), PNG (acceptable)
  • Contrast: Assets should be clearly visible over both dark and light backgrounds, if this is not the case then provide an additional asset for the necessary contrast.